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Secure Web Hosting

  • Packages from 8 per month
  • Free domain name
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Linux Hosting

Linux Hosting utilises one of the most popular operating systems on the Web and offers an extensive range of flexible solutions that can adapt to your development and hosting needs. It is perfect for webmasters who use Linux hosting features, such as Perl, PHP and MySQL database.

Server Access

Linux offers FTP access to your files via both Telnet or SSH access. FTP enables files to be transferred directly from your hard drive to the web server. Telnet and SSH can allow files on the web server to be accessed and manipulated, typically via Unix commands.

Web Pages

Linux servers are compatible with both HTML pages and JavaScript files. Linux HTML files are named ‘*.html’.

Common Gateway Interface (CGI)

Linux offers both CGI and Perl access. CGI is essential when programming forms.

Server-Side Scripts

Linux hosting offers a wide variety of scripting languages including PHP, ColdFusion and Perl.


Databases are essential for driving dynamic websites. Our Linux hosting services utilise the popular MySQL relational database management system (RDMS).


We regularly install patches and the latest software releases to ensure that our server software is up to date and secure.

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Web Hosting Services


  • - 750MB fast webspace
  • - 5GB bandwidth
  • - 50 email addresses
  • - 1 MySQL database
  • - 1 Domain Name

£8per month


  • - 1250MB fast webspace
  • - 10GB bandwidth
  • - 100 email addresses
  • - 3 MySQL databases
  • - 2 Domain Names

£12per month


  • - 1750MB fast webspace
  • - 15GB bandwidth
  • - 250 email addresses
  • - 6 MySQL databases
  • - 3 Domain Names

£16per month

Reseller lite

  • - 2500MB fast webspace
  • - 20GB bandwidth
  • - Up to 20 domains
  • - Dedicated Static IP
  • - 40 MySQL databases

£22per month


  • - 10000MB fast webspace
  • - 45GB bandwidth
  • - Up to 55 domains
  • - Dedicated Static IP
  • - 150 MySQL databases

£55per month