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No matter what size your business is, you want it to grow. And if you're not online you're limiting your potential customer base. Latest figures in the UK show that 70% of households have internet access, and 83% of those buy goods or services online. With a well designed, feature-rich e-commerce website you can take advantage of sleeping trade and maximise your sales potential. Dimasoft has the expertise you need to get started selling online, and to stay at the top when you reach it.

Product Management

Our team of experts will provide comprehensive product management for your e-commerce business.  We can help break down your products into different categories, set attributes and manage stock. By categorizing your products, your customers will be able to find what they are looking for more easily and attributes can help with filtering of searches.

Attributes and Options

Setting various attributes or options for your products – such as different sizes, colors, etc can help with product filters and increase sales. Product options allow you to offer product upgrades also that will increase average order values.


Our e-commerce solutions offer a live inventory for your entire online store.  Inventory levels automatically adjust when you sell products or refund an order. Furthermore, set inventory counts on products with attributes (e.g. different sizes, colours.). You will be able to view items in your store that are out of stock or getting low on inventory.  This can also integrate with third party stock systems for seamless business operations.

Bulk Import

Importing a tab or comma delimited (CSV) file to update your product prices, weight, name, or descriptions in bulk. In addition, bulk importing new products in to your online store.


We offer consultancy to upload and format images for your products and categories so that your customers can see what they are buying. Good images can help increase sales substantially.

Digital Downloads

Where appropriate our solutions offer the ability to assign files to products so that upon purchasing, the customer will be able to instantly download the file to their computer.

Bulk Pricing

Set special pricing for products when ordered in bulk. Set a unit amount or percentage off per product when a customer purchases a specified quantity.

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