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Web Development

Regardless of how much of your business takes place online, a well designed website may be all a customer needs to choose you over a competitor. Dimasoft are experts at producing stunning, standards-compliant websites, packed with useful features and smooth functionality. With years of experience helping businesses improve their online presence, and a thorough knowledge of the latest trends and technologies the question you should be asking now is 'Is my website good enough?’

Our Web Process

There are many steps in the creation of any website. Below we have detailed the series of steps that we follow to ensure standards are kept high, and to achieve the maximum level of quality is delivered to all clients at all times. The early stages in this process are possibly the most important - as if the project does not get the right foundations then it will never function as well as it should.  However all of our processes are well established.  To discuss how our process will work with your project please contact us.

Requirements Analysis

The first step of any project is to gather information and understand the clients requirements. This involves analysing how the web site or the web based application is going to help the business and what role it will play within current business processes (if any). Our experienced team will ask the client many questions (via interviews, telephone conversations etc.) and ascertain what the website or application needs to achieve. All of the current software, people and data is considered at the time of analysis and often the needs of the client are challenged to ensure that the end product that is produced is truly what the client requires and not what they think they need.

Specification Building

Preliminary specifications are produced which cover each and every aspect of the requirements. For example if the product is a website then the modules of the site including general layout, site navigation and dynamic elements will be included in the specification. Larger projects will require further levels of consultation to assess additional business and technical requirements. After reviewing and approving the preliminary document a written proposal is prepared, outlining the scope of the project including cost, timelines and responsibilities.


Using the information gathered, the look and feel of the website/web application is designed. Understanding the target audience is particularly important at this stage to ensure that the site's appearance and design are suitable. Furthermore, it is important to incorporate elements such as the company logo or colours to help strengthen the identity of your company onnline. Throughout the design phase, test plans and procedures for quality assurance are developed. Finally, it is necessary to obtain client approval on design and project plans.

To read more about our range of design services click here

To read more about our range of design services click here


Our team of experienced developers then write the code for the outlined project using the latest development languages, development tools and best practice techniques - each compliant with internationally recognised standards. Elements such as interactive contact forms, dynamic/moving elements or ecommerce shopping carts are implemented and made functional during this phase.  Note that as a business Dimasoft always choose the platform and language based on the requirements of the project and do not at any time base this decision on the resource available or ability to maximise profits.  We are always looking to achieve the right outcome for the client and build long term relationships with our clients.

Content Writing

Not all projects will take our content writing services but when the client requires the service we have professional content writers who produce quality, relevant and engaging content for any site. All content is checked for grammatical and spelling errors during this phase.  We also look to ensure that the content is in good shape for Search Engine Optimisation purposes and that customers are likely to purchase based on the content in place. In the current market place it is important that your business comes across as an industry expert to ensure that you attract the business that you desire.


All websites and web applications undergo rigorous testing procedures to ensure quality. Testing is done throughout the development phase, but once this is complete a large range of final checks are undertaken including: functionality checking for forms and other scripts, hyperlinks (ensuring no 404 errors exist) and multimedia checks (ensuring no issues between browser types exist). In addition to these checks all web based projects are subject to two main sign off processes which ensure that the websites function as they should in all modern web browsers and also that all of the code written for the web site is checked so that it validates (XHTML, CSS etc.).  Websites are also checked to make sure they conform to Web Accessibility standards.  All of the above testing guarantees that projects that are delivered are as bug free as possible.


Websites require frequent updates and occasional bug fixes to keep them working optimally. Once your website is operational - ongoing promotion, technical maintenance, content management and staff training is needed (depending on the complexity of your website and the needs of your organization).

To read more about Maintenance & Support click here

If you prefer to be more hands on and update your own content, a Content Management System (CMS) can be implemented in to your website. A CMS driven website can enable you to edit the content areas of the site yourself. However it is done, the website must change regularly to ensure that it produces the level of return on investment desired.

To read more about CMS Systems click here

Other types of maintenance include SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - this is the optimization of you website to help achieve higher rankings within search engine results.  If done correctly this will help the website and business achieve a higher level of sales.  We strongly recommend that any website should have some level of online promotion or SEO activity undertaken.

To read more about our SEO Services click here


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