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Web Development

Regardless of how much of your business takes place online, a well designed website may be all a customer needs to choose you over a competitor. Dimasoft are experts at producing stunning, standards-compliant websites, packed with useful features and smooth functionality. With years of experience helping businesses improve their online presence, and a thorough knowledge of the latest trends and technologies the question you should be asking now is 'Is my website good enough?’

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Mobile Websites

Mobile Internet is growing rapidly and can help your business stay ahead of the competition. With mobile Internet becoming ever faster and with the popularity of Tablet computers, more and more people are using the Internet on the move for purchasing goods communicating on social websites etc. We can help you stay ahead of the competition by creating an efficient and professional looking website whether it is simply for advertisement purposes or for doing online business with people on the move.

A traditional website works perfectly on a desktop or laptop computer but what about when it is viewed on a mobile device.  We have found that most of our e-commerce customers do in the region of 25% of their sales from customers using mobile devices.  Can you afford not to optimise for this market place and attract these sales to your business?.

There are a number of approaches commonly used across the web that address mobile websites.

The two main approaches are described below:

Responsive web design -

Responsive web design enables you to optimise your site across different screen sizes without creating multiple websites. By using flexible templates, CSS, and JavaScript.  A responsive web design can respond to the size of a device and adjust images, template layout and content to suit.  All of these CSS and JavaScript techniques can be layered onto a single file of HTML content, delivered to all devices.

Responsive web design provides a number of advantages as it offers a single content point and a single URL for each piece of content makes it easier for your users to interact with, share, and link to your content. Also, no redirection is needed for users to get to the device-optimised view, which can reduce initial load time.

Separate mobile URLs -

A commonly used option to customise your site experience based on device type is to build a separate site for mobile traffic, independent of your original site. The browser can detect if a visitor is on a mobile device and redirect them to the mobile-optimised version of your site (e.g. or A dedicated mobile site allows you to tailor the site specifically for mobile users and can be independently built and hosted.  This offers design benefits and in many cases speed benefits (after the initial redirect) but can have issues relating to content management and can be more expensive.

At Dimasoft we can offer both types of mobile website and work with your business to ensure you get the right type for you.  This website is a responsive website and you can see three different sizes if you make the screen progressively smaller on a desktop computer.  It is common that we would design for a phone, tablet and desktop.  Contact us for more information on mobile website design.

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