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No matter what size your business is, you want it to grow. And if you're not online you're limiting your potential customer base. Latest figures in the UK show that 70% of households have internet access, and 83% of those buy goods or services online. With a well designed, feature-rich e-commerce website you can take advantage of sleeping trade and maximise your sales potential. Dimasoft has the expertise you need to get started selling online, and to stay at the top when you reach it.

Advanced Reporting

Monitoring Sales

  • Highlight sales trends and patterns with daily, monthly or yearly reports.
    With our advanced sales reporting system you'll have a clear picture of what sells and what doesn't.  
  • View month-by-month sales figures, lists of best selling products, locate your best customers, analyse product views per purchase, and much more.
  • Select your promotional products effectively using our cost price margin reports.

Monitoring Stock

  • Always keep up to date up with your inventory using our instant stock reporting system.
  • Manage lines, sizes, colours, stock levels, and availability information, all from a single page.
  • Enable your customers to see the latest stock information live on your product pages.

Integrated Google Analytics

All of our e-Commerce sites employ Google Analytics advanced user tracking. This important tool will enable you to know the number of visitors reaching your store and what they're searching for. Google Analytics integration provides you with valuable data on how users interact with your site. Learn which pages visitors favour or abandon to increase your conversions and profits.


Website Optimization.

Google Website Optimizer will enable you to test product page variations. If you have ideas that might improve the conversion rates of your product pages such as different text, colours, images, prices etc then Google Website Optimizer integration enables you to mathematically test your ideas. Optimised web pages can significantly increase the value of your traffic without increasing your marketing budget.

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