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We have extensive experience of producing software for both in-house and reseller use. Our knowledge of myriad of programming languages and middleware technologies as well as a cutting edge knowledge of new developments makes us the ideal choice for any level of software development. We can take your project from idea to functionality whilst guaranteeing a user-friendly interface and expert support.

Legacy Development

Does your company still use older technology, software or coding languages that are no longer supported by the manufacturer? With the speed in which  current technology advances, and the rate in which updates are continuously rendering yesterday’s standards obsolete, it isn’t uncommon for systems to fall behind even if they are still relatively new. We can help repair and retrieve information from these systems, thanks to our highly experience technical team.

Company-wide systems can cost a lot of money to fully replace, and when the latest update could well be replaced just as quickly, the decision to transfer completely can be a huge one. We understand that cost is a factor in any business, so supporting your existing system may well be the best option for your company at this time. Chances are, it still offers everything you need and there is a level of familiarity within your workforce. We support all manner of legacy systems, which allows us to get you back up and running and offer continued support for as long as you need it.

Additionally, when faced with the decision to update your system, the time and man-power it can take to make such a switch may well be unfeasible, with potential system down time and staff adjustment to an unfamiliar system. We can help, whatever your decision. We can support your existing legacy system when others can’t, or we can help update your current set-up with the latest technology, with minimal disruption to your workflow. Either by developing new applications or modifying your existing ones, we will also offer sufficient training so that your staff can comfortably manage the upgrade. So don’t let the lack of support for your older system hinder your business, allow us to handle it in whichever suits your needs.

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