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We have extensive experience of producing software for both in-house and reseller use. Our knowledge of myriad of programming languages and middleware technologies as well as a cutting edge knowledge of new developments makes us the ideal choice for any level of software development. We can take your project from idea to functionality whilst guaranteeing a user-friendly interface and expert support.

Game Development

For years, viral flash games have been widely used to both entertain and advertise. The power of these games is undeniable; in creating interest, bringing traffic to your website, and for subtly marketing a product. The most successful are the most addictive, these are most often simplistic games with a clear aim, yet they have the ability to bring users back time and time again for one more go.

At Dimasoft, we can harness this interest in a number of ways. By incorporating your service or product in to the game in some way, or by utilizing your company branding, this game that users stare at for hours can be turned in a piece of advertising. They can also provide a valuable resource in collecting information such as email addresses in order to play or save high scores. This method of marketing can prove far more effective than any other if your game truly goes ‘viral’ and spreads via word of mouth through the internet. For no money at all, people will actively promote and share your game with friends, each time driving more people back to your site and introducing them to your company. Our standing as a fully fledged design and development company also means we excel in every aspect of game development. There are many developers out there who can put together a technically competent game, but few who can combine that with the level of graphics, character design, copywriting and personality that a truly successful game needs.

As well as creating Flash games for your web browser, we also develop mobile games across a range of platforms. The rise of iPhone and Android app-based games has been phenomenal over the last few years and this market is now highly sought after. The capabilities of modern smartphones, such as touch screen technology and motion sensory, allow for a whole new gaming experience that can’t even be replicated in console systems. As well as the new options afforded by tablet devices, flash and mobile games are an exciting area of advertising that could bring your company to a whole new audience.

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