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Security Services

Most businesses are only too aware of the potential costs associated with system failures and lost / breached data. By maintaining focus on the security of the network, customers can be confident that their confidential and sensitive data is out of reach to all but those authorised to access it.

Website Security

Website security is the single most critical issue for any online business. Web servers are one of the most frequent targets for malicious activity due to the sensitive data stored on them. Dimasoft provides a comprehensive website security service which include: 

  • Remote Access:
    Ensuring that all remote access to the server is secure, using the latest encryption protocols.
  • Permissions & Privileges: 
    Identifing and assigning the least number of privileges needed for the specific network to run.
  • Security Patches:
    Updating the operating system and all software with the latest security patches to minimize exploits of un-patched servers and software.
  • User Accounts:
    Ensuring that unused or default user accounts created when installing the operating system, are disabled. Checking that every administrator accessing the web server has their own user account, with the correct privileges.
  • Server Lockdown:
    Physically securing and locking down the server mainframe.
  • Monitor and audit the server:
    Storing all web server logs in a segregated area. All network services logs, website access logs, database server logs and operating system logs will be monitored and checked for strange entries.

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