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Security Services

Most businesses are only too aware of the potential costs associated with system failures and lost / breached data. By maintaining focus on the security of the network, customers can be confident that their confidential and sensitive data is out of reach to all but those authorised to access it.

Source Code Audit

Dimasoft provides a comprehensive source code analysis service - for discovering bugs, programming violations and potential security flaws in a programming project. This process is essential in order to reduce the number of errors in the source code before the software application is released. When our experts audit the source code, every critical module is audited separately and then together with the entire program. We carry out penetration testing of the software to identify vulnerabilities and test the programs resilience to most known attack techniques. Once any vulnerability has been discovered, our experts will then work to identify the specific areas of source code responsible.

Typically vulnerabilities can be classified into high risk and low risk. High risks can include vulnerabilities to buffer overflow, SQL injection, remote file inclusion and later bounds checking. Low risks can include client-side vulnerabilities, username enumeration and directory traversal - in web applications.

Our experts will provide source code auditing for a wide variety of programming languages including C and C++, Java, PHP, JavaScript, ASP, and Perl.

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