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Security Services

Most businesses are only too aware of the potential costs associated with system failures and lost / breached data. By maintaining focus on the security of the network, customers can be confident that their confidential and sensitive data is out of reach to all but those authorised to access it.

Ethical Hacking

At Dimasoft, we are experts in full system security and legally certified in Ethical Hacking. Organizations typically hire ethical hackers in order to attempt to penetrate their own networks and computer systems, so that vulnerabilities can be identified. Using the same methods as a real hacker, they will try and highlight and subsequently fix any weaknesses in the security systems, before they are subjected to a real attack. Furthermore, we will test a company's overall security apparatus, and evaluate their policies and procedures for preventing harmful intrusions.

Examples of such subversive techniques may include:

  • Potential for intruders gaining access to the premises - under the guise of an employee, delivery man or cleaner.

  • Potential for an intruder accessing sensitive material while staff, are away from their machines.

  • Potential for using equipment or software that records keyboard strokes - enabling an intruder to access personal information such as passwords and bank card details.

By assessing all aspects of your security, our team of experts can ensure that your computer systems are fully secure from opportunistic hackers.


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