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Online Marketing

Reach as many customers as you can with a targeted online marketing campaign. Taking into account targeted email marketing, pay per click advertising, social media and search engine optimisation, Dimasoft adopts a balanced view of your market position and will advise you on - and implement - the best strategy for your business.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Looking to push your website nearer the top of your current search engine results?

PPC or Pay Per Click is an internet marketing model in which ads are bought on websites in order to gain traffic. You only pay when someone actually clicks your ad, hence the name PPC. It can be a very effective model for gaining targeted traffic and usually gives faster results than organic traffic as a result of SEO.

The Google advertising platform, Google Adwords is the largest PPC network and is certainly a powerful tool any business can start using in their online marketing efforts. A paid advertisement can be up and running in minutes, appearing alongside the search results and targeting your customer demographics. They also have a great backend for Pay Per Click management.

For a Pay Per Click campaign to be effective it is vital to understand the demographics of your customers and how they search for your products. When you know this information it is easier to target them more effectively using ad campaigns. Keyword research is the next step and one of the most important. Our PPC consultants are experts at researching the best keywords to focus on for your campaign.

Once your ad is up and running, it is vital to keep track of the statistics to know how effective your ad is. Only by testing and monitoring the ads will you be able to adjust and optimise the copywriting on your landing pages and sales pages to increase the conversion rate.

One of the advantages to PPC is that you set the budget and length of the campaign. You only pay for when a user clicks your ad. It is entirely up to you how much you want to budget, once this budget is reached your ad will not be displayed anymore and you will not be charged anything extra. You are also in control of the length of the campaign, you can set it to run for a few days to weeks, to months.

Our PPC consultants have a wealth of experience creating and managing Pay Per Click campaigns, taking all of the stress out of it for you. After having a discussion about your business and target demographics, they will create a tailored campaign for your business centred around your target market and focused on gaining the maximum amount of traffic for your budget.

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