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Online Marketing

Reach as many customers as you can with a targeted online marketing campaign. Taking into account targeted email marketing, pay per click advertising, social media and search engine optimisation, Dimasoft adopts a balanced view of your market position and will advise you on - and implement - the best strategy for your business.

Email Marketing Services UK

Email marketing is a powerful method used for building relationships with existing customers, promoting products and services to your customers or advertising other companies services.

Forrester Research has estimated that budgets for US companies alone will account for $2.5 billion dollars by 2016. If your company is not focusing some efforts on this area, you could be losing an advantage to your competition. Here at Dimasoft, we can help businesses with a range of email marketing services:

Email List Building

One of the advantages of email marketing is that it is mostly opt-in meaning users will actually sign up to receive emails from you. This helps to ensure that readers are interested in your content or services, and are likely to be more open to what you have to say or promote. Setting up an email subscription service for your website is one of the best email marketing tips to build a list of targeted followers.

Email Newsletters

Email newsletters is one example of engaging existing customers with the aim of building your relationships. Sending out weekly or monthly emails filled with engaging content is a great way to communicate your messages to your list. We can help with this and we use powerful email marketing software to achieve your goals.

Improve Email Copywriting

Sending out professional and compelling ads through emails is a powerful way to market your business. Using excellent copywriting to engage your readers is a great method to attract customers to buy your products. We write persuasive copywriting to increase the conversion rate.

Direct Email Marketing

Email marketing also allows you the opportunity to send information about campaigns or special offers on your site that your readers will likely be interested in. It is also possible to segment your list into different areas to target with different promotions maximising conversion rates.

Email Marketing Monitoring

An important aspect of any online marketing effort is to monitor the results. We monitor your email campaigns using powerful email marketing software to see just how effective they are and adjust accordingly. Our goal is to maximise the click through from every email and to achieve this we carry out tests to ascertain what works best for your specific campaign.

Email Deliverability

We ensure maximum email deliverability and pay attention to how user friendly emails are. There is no point in sending hundreds of emails if they don't reach the intended audience. We use proven methods to ensure that your message is delivered right in front of your readers.

Our experts have huge amounts of experience with effective email marketing campaigns. They will advise you on a range of solutions for your particular needs, from building up your list to gain a larger following of interested readers, to creating a strategy to target them with great content they are likely engage with.

Talk to one of our experts and discover how an effective email marketing strategy can improve your business online.

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