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Online Marketing

Reach as many customers as you can with a targeted online marketing campaign. Taking into account targeted email marketing, pay per click advertising, social media and search engine optimisation, Dimasoft adopts a balanced view of your market position and will advise you on - and implement - the best strategy for your business.

CRO Conversion Rate Optimisation

Looking to push your website nearer the top of your current search engine results?

Getting traffic to your website is fantastic but getting conversions and sales is where you make money!

Conversion rate optimisation is the process of increasing the percentage of visitors that convert into buying customers. Even the smallest increase in your conversion rate can pay huge dividends. Here are some reasons why you should care about CRO:

  • More sales and leads from existing traffic
  • Maximising the conversion rate means reduced costs on advertising
  • Increased profits

Our focus as CRO experts is to increase leads and sales using different conversion optimisation methods.

We can help with:

Improving your website usability

One aspect of CRO is to reduce the “Bounce Rate” or reducing the amount of current visitors to your site who leave without buying. Making your website easier to navigate and attractive to browse is a great way to increase sales without having to spend money on more traffic and advertising.

Improving your sales copy

Writing compelling landing pages with a strong call to action is crucial to the conversion process. If you do not present your services or products in a persuasive way, you will not motivate your customers to buy from you. We have extensive experience creating CRO sales copy to highlight the benefits of your services and products to ensure high conversion rates.

Optimizing your sales funnel

We test every stage of your sales funnel to see exactly how customers use your website and how they purchase from it. Using detailed analytics and reports, we can see any “leaks” or weak points that we can optimise by creating a streamlined sales funnel from the moment a user visits your site right down to when they reach your sales page.

Extensive Testing

Conversion rate optimisation involves extensive research and testing based on user feedback and data analysis. We carry out detailed testing on every aspect of your conversion channel to ensure a high conversion rate. We carry out split testing on landing and sales pages to learn the best way to convert your visitors.

Our CRO experts work closely with you to determine the best course of action to optimise your website for conversions. Talk to one of our consultants to see how conversion rate optimisation can help increase the profitability of your online marketing strategy.

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