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ADSL2 AnnexM



  • Fast broadband connections
  • from 16 per month
  • Speeds up to 8Mb
  • No download limits ever
  • UK-based support from qualified technicians



Increasingly, new advances in technologies such as cloud computing and video conferencing are requiring higher upload speeds than traditional ADSL lines can offer. Dimsasoft - SDSL broadband is specially designed for businesses with intensive and demanding Internet access and application requirements. SDSL is an ideal solution for enterprises seeking exceptional performance, reliability and resilience from their broadband connection.

SDSL, or Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line, gives you a stable platform to progress with symmetrical uploads and downloads, compared to regular ADSL lines where the upstream bandwidth is lower than the downstream bandwidth. SDSL can offer speeds of up to 32 Mbps with a 10:1 - 1:1 contention ratio - ensuring that online speeds will not be disrupted at peak times, giving your business a more efficient and reliable way of transferring data.

If your business regularly sends and receives large files, uses a VoIP telephone system, provides email and web hosting, or uses applications such as video conferencing, then SDSL could be the right choice for your business. With Dimasoft SDSL, your business can enjoy high-quality connectivity with powerful performance whilst avoiding peak broadband traffic delays.


  • - High speed always on Internet for the home user
  • - Speeds of up to 8Mb
  • - No download limits

£16per month


  • - High speed always on Internet access for the business user
  • - Speeds of up to 8Mb
  • - No download limits

£21per month


  • - High speed Internet access
  • - Provides equal upload and download rates
  • - Contention ratios from 10:1 up to 1:1

£149per month

Leased Lines

  • - Dedicated, high speed Internet access
  • - Provides 1:1 contention ratio
  • - Ideal for larger organisations

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