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Graphic Design

At Dimasoft we offer a wide range of design services - from establishing an initial corporate identity right through to creating complex graphics and promotional materials. Our comprehensive list of services allow us to help our clients at every stage of their business development, no matter what their aims may be.

Christmas Cards

While they may just seem like a bit of festive fun, custom business Christmas cards can actually be a great way to enhance your corporate brand and your business relationships.

Business Christmas cards are a friendly and personalized gesture of appreciation to customers and business acquaintances. They can brighten somebody's mood in a cost effective way, and offer you the chance to present a more personal side of the company. A simple show of gratitude to those who have expressed an interest in your company should not be overlooked, especially in the first few years of business. The effort and gesture alone will help improve the perception of your company, while making customers themselves feel important. A selfless act can go a long way, so it is best to try and avoid any sales pitch in this case. The goal here should just be to gently remind customers that you are there, as well as serving to reinforce a positive company image.

Christmas Cards Design

While the sending of your card will indeed go a long way, a truly memorable Christmas card can make all the difference, and that is what we offer at Dimasoft. A unique image or idea can prove a real talking point, leading people to return to it time after time, or even share it around with friends and colleagues. We offer highly creative, bespoke designs and ideas, including professional illustration, photo manipulation, layout and typography, meaning your Christmas card will be highly personal and stand out from the crowd. We work closely with clients to create personal artwork that not only delivers a festive message but also says something about the company at the same time. We can also handle the print requirements, meaning even less stress on your part.

Positive word of mouth for anything regarding your company can only be a good thing, it will strengthen customer loyalty as well as give them a personal interest in the company. If you find impressed customers eager to receive your latest entertaining Christmas card the following year then you know you have done something right.

Company Christmas Cards Design

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