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Dimasoft Create Brand New Design and Site Build for Corex

Corex Fitness recently came to us asking for a complete redesign of their site to make it better suited to their users and reflect their expanding product range.

CoreX Fitness stocks a huge variety of functional Strength and Conditioning equipment, apparel and accessories. Already established as a quality stockist in the UK, they now supply equipment to a range of sports facilities and gyms.Being a client of ours for some time and therefore having an in-depth knowledge of their product range, their target consumer and their challenges, we were keen to take on the challenge and see where we could help them. Corex made very clear to us from the beginning that their main concern was to make their site appear more brand focused, whilst being responsive to mobile shoppers.

The most obvious changes made to the site were alterations to the imagery used. The older Corex site used a number of elements from earlier packaging that the brand had moved on from. We therefore made sure that images used on the new site were modern and consistent with their current goals and aspirations.

When creating brand focused websites it is important to use a series of lifestyle shots and prominent graphics. This way businesses can showcase their brand name and make it apparent to customers that they are dealing with Corex. The site now has a much cleaner and more contemporary design that features a variety of responsive essentials for mobile users.

The Corex redesign was completed to within the time line and budget outlined by the client. They are extremely happy with the results of the site and are certain that the changes will have made a real difference to how they present themselves, whilst having a real impact on their web traffic and sales.

Dimasoft are delighted with the feedback given from Corex and will continue to work with them regarding any future changes that may be needed.


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Thursday, August 4th, 2016 by admin Design, Development

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