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Archive for April, 2016

The Importance of Social Media Marketing

This blog will explore why companies, large and small need to think about social media in their marketing strategies

Why Social Media Marketing?

Social Media currently fuels a LOT of marketing content and strategy (in 2016). Since 1991, when the World Wide Web was developed, communities of people sharing a common interest have gathered from the corners of the world and talked and shared content through the internet.

It was the latter part of the 2000s when brands started using social media as a marketing tool. As of 2015, 22% of the world’s population is active on social media, that’s 1.4 billion people. From a marketer’s perspective, that’s 1.4 billion potential customers.

Google now recognizes social media accounts as an important part in validating a brand’s popularity, and its algorithm looks at fan numbers, brand content and clicks to websites from social media sites when indexing sites. From an SEO perspective, a strong social media presence is incredibly valuable for a brand.

Because of its popularity with many audiences, social is a valuable platform for brands to talk directly with their customers, in particular customer service and updates that are time sensitive. The immediacy of social means a message can reach thousands within seconds.

Social Media Marketing Board

Is it for everyone?

Whether you run a multi-billion pound corporation or a small local business, social media marketing will always add value to your business.

Whilst we know that social won’t guarantee 1.4 billion new customers, we can be sure that your customers, whether they are B2B (business-to-business) or B2C (business-to-consumer) will be active on social media in some form or another.

If you’re a small local business, customer reviews on Facebook and Google+ help you in search rankings, as well as getting public recognition for your service.

For other B2B companies, just as you may invest your time and money into networking events to socialize and meet with fellow business people and future customers, networks like LinkedIn offer the same service on a larger scale. You can contact any professional on a personal level and get to know them. Interacting with their interests on Twitter may just set you above your competitors.


Why hire a professional?

With great numbers, comes great responsibility. When Facebook is managing 30 million small business pages and 1.2 billion active users; when Google is managing 2 billion YouTube views; when Instagram is managing 40 billion photo uploads, they need to ensure that users are getting the best experience they can have on their sites. This means that marketers should play ball with the social networks. We also need to make sure we don’t irritate our audience through over-marketing.

Even for the most organised person, this is a lot to handle – social media marketing professionals understand the social media audience, and have the creative mind to generate interesting, relevant content for a brand. It is up to us to generate those likes, clicks and shares that lead to a great brand reputation and return-on-investment.


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