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Archive for January, 2014

Five Rules For Successful Email Marketing

You can do the same thing as any other company if you know how; which includes optimizing your email marketing campaign in order to increase the number of subscribers, the number of sales and your overall brand presence on the internet. It sounds like a lot, but five simple rules can help you to accomplish all of this. › Continue reading

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Google Checkout Retired

There are a number of e-commerce services that were shocked to find the Google Checkout service was to be retired on November 20th, however Google did give more than six months’ notice in the form of online announcements, notifications on merchant google accounts and emails – which meant that people have plenty of time to find and set up an alternative service. However; there are a surprising number of merchants in the internet world that simply failed to do so, most likely never believing that Google would really abandon them by closing such a secure and reliable service. › Continue reading

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